Prepaid Debit Cards For Tax Refunds

Prepaid cards are becoming more popular than normal these days, with the economy pushing money-owners to be more careful with their spending, and teaching their children money management skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. The disadvantages to owning prepaid cards have dissolved throughout the years, thanks to card companies coming to the rescue with prepaid cards that offer better deals, more security, and less fees!

In case you’re unfamiliar with prepaid cards, these little cards are similar to gift cards, but can essentially be used anywhere the company of the credit card is accepted, which is pretty much everywhere. But unlike most gift cards, these bad boys can be reloaded an infinite amount of times. You deposit however much money you want on the card, and that’s how much you can spend, completing removing overdraft fees.

Prepaid cards are a major convenience to those who are afraid to spend too much, who are trying to save, or are perhaps supporting a family member or friend and don’t want to use credit or checking card. These cards act like debit cards. You don’t need any credit to acquire one as they’re not credit cards, and you don’t need to link a prepaid card to your checking account. You can even use these prepaid debit cards for tax refunds, along with using them to receive other government benefits!

Nowadays, prepaid cards have way more features than they used to. The best prepaid cards are the ones with the most amount of benefits for you, such as money transfers, online and mobile access, added security, and as many ATM networks as possible in your area. They’re easy to get too!

The Services of an Iowa personal injury lawyer

If you have suffered a personal injury due to a fall, exposure to a toxin, or another type of incident that was due to negligence or carelessness and it resulted in you being hurt, then you may need the services of a personal injury lawyer. Without a lawyer, you may have an uphill battle with the insurance companies, and you may not be taken seriously. Even if you do win your claim, you may not get everything you are entitled to. With the services of an Iowa personal injury lawyer, you are much more likely to be heard as well as listened to by all involved parties, and your claims of injury and suffering will be taken much more seriously, and compensated accordingly.

Because laws surrounding personal injury claims vary from state to state, it’s important that you pick a lawyer who works in your state or is at least very familiar with the laws of the state that you are filing a claim in. Believe it or not, it’s possible to lose your entire claim simply due to clerical issues or mis-communication due to an attorney not knowing everything that there is to know about your state’s laws for personal injury litigation.

If you have suffered from a personal injury in Iowa, then you should get in contact with a professional lawyer who is experienced with these types of cases. One such lawyer is James P. Hoffman. James Hoffman has many years of experience as an Iowa worker’s compensation attorney, and he is more than qualified to represent you in court and help you be successful in filing your claim against the responsible party. If you do decide to retain the services of James P. Hoffman, know that he can also assist with workers compensation issues (when companies refuse to pay employees when they are injured or become ill due to their occupation), as well as social security disability filings.

Recovering from a personal injury is only half of your battle. Because there is always a risk of life-long or at least long-term issues due to your personal injury, you will definitely want a lawyer on your side as you prepare to handle your litigation in court.

The Services of an Iowa personal injury lawyer

Can Non-Driving Factors Affect Auto Insurance Premiums?

There are a number of factors that play a role in the insurance rates that a person is offered. While some of these factors are obvious, such as the car a person drives and the person’s driving record, there are a number of non-driving related factors that play a role as well. While some of these factors seem unrelated to car insurance, insurance companies have found that there are correlations between these seemingly unrelated factors and the likelihood that a driver will file for an insurance claim. Understanding the non-driving factors that are used in determining insurance rates will help a driver to take the necessary steps to get the best insurance rates.

A driver’s credit score is used by some insurance companies to determine what rate to offer a driver. Studies have shown that people with higher credit scores are less likely to be in an accident than those drivers with low credit scores. Credit scores are also used when determining whether or not to offer a monthly payment option. Due to the use of credit scores, factors used in determining credit scores such as a person’s history of making loan payments on time, the amount of debt a person has and the amount of time a person keeps credit accounts open can all influence a person’s insurance rates.

Insurance companies look at property crime rates in the area where the driver lives as another factor when setting an insurance rate. Cars parked in high crime areas are more likely to be stolen, broken into or vandalized, meaning that car insurance companies are at more risk of paying out a claim in high crime areas. In general, cities have higher accident rates than more rural areas. This may mean an increase in insurance rates for those living in urban areas.

A person’s marital status will also impact his or her auto insurance rates. Studies have found that married people are less likely to be in an accident than single people. Insurance companies therefore reward married drivers with lower insurance rates. Similarly, younger drivers have more accidents and therefore pay higher insurance rates. Additionally, women will pay lower auto insurance premiums as they are statistically less likely to be in an accident.

The good news is that while a number of factors go into determining auto insurance rates, each insurance company treats these factors in different ways. To find your best deal on auto insurance, obtain an insurance quote from


Can Non-Driving Factors Affect Auto Insurance Premiums?

Secured Personal Loans: Questions that First-timers make

Secured Personal LoansFor an individual who is contemplating of procuring a secured personal loan for the first time, there are two questions that come into mind. The first one is, “Where can he/she go to get it?” While the second one is, “What are the precautionary measures that need to be taken?”

The answers to the said questions are easy and they are extensively explained on the succeeding paragraphs.

Where to go to get a secured personal loan?

Obtaining a secured personal loan is easy and even first-timers who do not know a thing about lending programs can simply visit a bank or a credit union office and file an application. He/she should bring proof of income and ownership of the collateral that will be used.

Even if a borrower has negative credit rating, the secured loan can be easily obtained as long as the collateral that will be used passes the guidelines of the lending company.

Paying the loan is crucial since the lending company can assume ownership of the collateral if the borrower fails to repay the loan in full at the agreed date.

What are the precautionary measures that need to be taken?

  • Compare loan amounts

While a secured personal loan is relatively easy to procure, a borrower who has negative credit rating may obtain a smaller amount compared to those positive credit rating. Putting this factor into consideration, it would be best to compare loan amounts to get the best deal possible.

It should be remembered that different lending companies have different guidelines, loan amounts, and approval procedures, among others. For this reason, it would be best to compare different companies to make the most of the said financial option.

  • Check interest rates and fees

All the payables should be scrupulously reviewed since not doing so can lead to the accumulation of unnecessary debt. This is one aspect of secured loans borrowing that many first-timers and frequent borrowers often overlook.

It should be noted that such precautionary measure is important because once the contract has been signed, a borrower needs to send a specific amount of cash on a regular basis, whether he/she likes it or not.


The common questions that first-time secured personal loan borrowers usually ask are explained on this paragraph. They should religiously study them to make the most of the loan that they will procure. It should be noted that borrowing the said loan is relatively easy, but it is making the most of it that is quite tricky.

Secured Personal Loans: Questions that First-timers make

How to hold value of your Investment Designer Jewelry to get the best price when selling on


If you own designer jewellery, you’re sure to be aware that it is not only expensive but can also hold significant sentimental value. As such, it is vital that the owner takes the time and effort to care for these high-end possessions.

Doing so will not only help the items look as good as they did on the day that you acquired them, but will also ensure they stand the test of time and can be worn for many years to come. With that in mind, here are some of the things you should do to keep your jewellery in magnificent condition.

Keep them safe

One of the best ways to protect designer jewellery is to ensure that it is stored in a safe, secure place whenever it is not being worn. With the exception of a wedding and/or engagement ring, it’s quite likely that you might not have pieces on all of the time. Whenever you aren’t wearing jewellery, it is best to place it in a soft pouch or lined box to protect it from dust and dirt, as well as prevent it from coming into contact with any surfaces or items that may scratch it.

It’s also important to keep valuables well away from water, particularly antique models or those that feature intricate mechanisms, such as watches. For this reason alone, jewellery should never be left in a bathroom, kitchen or any other room where they could be easily damaged by water. Instead, you should place them somewhere dry and that does not receive a great amount of direct sunlight (the latter can cause both gemstones and metals to fade).

Generally speaking, many people will keep jewellery in their bedroom. Rather than leaving it on top of a dressing table or chest of drawers though, you should keep your valuables locked in a safe whenever they are not being worn.

This will ensure that they won’t be damaged by moisture and/or excessive levels of sunlight. Doing so, of course, means they are kept out of the sight of prying eyes and makes it extremely difficult for thieves to steal your jewellery in the event they break into your home.

Clean it regularly

Regular cleaning also plays a vital role in keeping your jewellery in top condition. While the particular steps you will need to take will vary depending on what you own, but as a general rule you should be able to clean most gold jewellery by placing it in warm soapy water.

However, if your jewellery contains any precious gemstones you need be careful about using water, as it can sometimes cause your pieces to discolour or fade. Instead, it is best to use a soft brush to scrub at the stones to remove any dirt and restore their natural sheen.

Valuables that contain amber, meanwhile, can be easily scratched, as the material is quite soft. When cleaning such items, it is best to rub them gently with a soft cloth and they should also be stored separately from other pieces of jewellery.

Ensured it is repaired and maintained by an expert

While in most cases it’s possible to clean jewellery yourself, it is often best to get an expert to do this for you. This will ensure your valuables stay looking as good as possible and reduce the risk of further accidental damage occurring.

Enlisting the help of a professional is also advisable if your jewellery ever needs repairing or maintenance work, for instance if a ring has to be resized, a link needs to be taken out of a chain or you would like a bracelet to be engraved.

Have the right insurance policy

Taking out a comprehensive insurance policy also plays a key role in protecting expensive jewellery. While you can get standalone cover for these valuables, they can also be incorporated into a home contents plan. If you’re thinking of doing the latter, however, make sure that you get a high-value insurance policy. This should ensure you don’t suffer financially in the event your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged.

Before taking out insurance, it is a good idea to get an expert to assess the value of your pieces. While the value of gold, silver and other precious metals is constantly changing, getting your jewellery’s financial worth calculated in advance will ensure that your items will be adequately covered in the event you need to make a claim in the future. Click here to find more information about getting designer jewellery insured.

How to hold value of your Investment Designer Jewelry

Kid Custody Law – Data and Legal Advice

Kid Custody Law
Kid Custody Law

If you are going through a divorce and have children or are associated with a custody battle you probably want to know in which you will get custody law details and legal advice to help you along with your situation. There are many sources offered for getting kid custody law data legal advice but you have to know in which to search. It is also important to distinguish between custody details, law and legal advice. Info is different than law and is not necessarily legal suggestions.

Details are useful in gaining an understanding of the topic matter and will assist you to make more informed selections. There is a ton of custody info on-line and typically numerous resources offered that may allow you to at your neighborhood courthouse and probably within your local area. Most of the info you could encounter online, at the courthouse, or through self-help centers are for informational functions only and not legal guidance. Quality data may be very useful in educating you around the subject and help you make a lot more informed choices.

When looking for youngster custody law data it is important to note that laws can differ in every state. Also, “legal advice” is something that will only be supplied by a licensed lawyer in your jurisdiction. Whilst the overall ideal interest on the child is normally the regular for custody determinations in most all states, state law certain info can differ based around the state you might be in. In case you are looking for particular advice tailored for your distinct circumstance and your demands you’ll wish to check with an attorney licensed as Lexington law reviews to practice law in your state.

Parent’s faced with divorce and custody questions or involved a dispute regarding their minor young children would advantage from placing inside the time to become educated and obtain as much info as you possibly can about little one custody law information and legal advice.


Kid Custody Law – Data and Legal Advice

Home Business? You too Need Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance

With the possibilities that come with starting a business from the comfort of your own home, it is no wonder that the rate of new home-based businesses is growing year upon year. When you start your business, there are so many components to consider that business insurance seems to get overlooked. Many business owners believe that by having their business based at home, they are covered by their home insurance, whilst others simply don’t realise that it is needed. The issue is that not only will home insurance not cover your business needs, but in some cases, it could even invalidate your home insurance when you need to make a claim, a costly mistake to make.

The best place to start is by simply doing your research. Look at other home based businesses and what they provide in terms of health and safety insurance. It is also important to look at a variety of providers. AXA Business insurance, for example has many tips and points of information that can help you get the right policy for your needs.

If you are a home based business owner, then the simple answer is that you need insurance and more often than not, you need the same insurance as any small business. Here are the most common forms of insurance that are perfect for small, home businesses.

Public Liability Insurance

Often overlooked, public liability insurance is one of the most important policies you need to be covered for. This is even more urgent if your business has a steady flow of customers coming to your home, for example if you are a home based hairdresser or lawyer meeting clients. This form of insurance covers you for any accident that may happen to a client within your home, a trip, fall, or even a terrible hair dressing disaster, this will cover you for all of these eventualities.

It is also important to note that public liability insurance also covers you when you are visiting a client’s house or place of business. If you own a horse riding stable at your home, or a petting zoo as examples, then this is a compulsory form of insurance. If this isn’t your business, then you still shouldn’t over-look this helpful cover.

Employers Liability Insurance

Much like public liability, employers liability insurance is a must, and in most parts a compulsory policy to protect you for the future. If, like many businesses, you want to grown and start gaining employees, then you really need to start looking at employers liability now so that you can get the right policy for your company. There are exceptions though: if you are going to be employing a close relative, i.e. a spouse, sibling etc, then you don’t legally have to have this cover. However 90% of employees are not family members, so do some research to see what cover you need.

The policy should cover you for any injury, illness or accident that might occur during an employee’s time with you. Once you have signed up for the insurance you will be given a certificate that should be displayed to let everyone know what their rights are. It is also worth noting that you may also need to have a health and safety check when commencing your insurance, it doesn’t take long and it can pinpoint any issues before they become a problem.

Home Business? You too Need Insurance

Budgeting to pay off that leftover Christmas debt


Christmas may be long gone now but many households up and down the country will continue to need debt advice because of overspending around the festive season.

As nice as it is to have a good Christmas time with the family, many people spend far too much and that financial hangover can last well into the New Year.

Indeed, research carried out recently by price comparison site found that just short of a quarter of Brits believe they will carry their Christmas debt past January and into the second month of the year.

Worrying news and what makes it worse is that that eight per cent of people said it will be beyond June 2013 before they have managed to completely clear the debts accumulated at Christmas.

This is far from a good way to handle your finances but there are things that can be done to pay off debt in conjunction with a dependable and workable debt management solution.


Sit down and clearly work out how much debt you managed to accumulate over Christmas. Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend that a situation is any different to reality, either.
Be honest with yourself and consider how much you can afford to pay off each month and what outgoings you can cut to make this a possibility.

This way you can gradually start to pay off what you owe and return to a stable financial footing.

Show some interest in rates

It’s also a good idea, while doing this, to switch your debt to a low-interest card.

This will give you a bit more breathing space and time in which to pay off your debts and is recommended by Jeremy Cryer,’s head of credit cards.

“Switch your credit card debt to a card with an extended interest free period on balance transfers,” he said.

“These products usually carry a small balance transfer fee of around three per cent but are still worth considering if you can benefit from zero interest on your balance for, potentially, a couple of years.”

He went on to speak about what was revealed in the survey, saying that many people are far too overly reliant on credit cards, as useful as they can be.
“Static salaries coupled with the rising cost of living are placing a strain on many households and as our research shows, credit cards are being used to plug gaps in family finances,” he explained.

“Used carefully, plastic cards can be a useful budgeting tool, but when relied on for everyday essentials card debt can quickly spiral out of control. Worryingly, our survey revealed that eight per cent of Brits rely on their credit cards to make ends meet.”

Be ruthless

Being in debt is a serious situation and, as such, you should not pull any punches when it comes to what needs reducing or cutting back on.
Anything that isn’t essential should be considered, while the biggest outgoings should be the first on the chopping block.
One way to start clawing back at that Christmas excess, rather ironically, is to sell off any unwanted gifts you received.
Few people at Christmas only get presents that they want or need, so why not consider trading in or selling those you don’t.
Those duplicate DVDs and CDs would bring in some money while exchanging expensive gifts you have received and replacing them with more value-conscious alternatives could be an option.

It may not be in keeping with the spirit of Christmas but finances are important and it’s essential that people get rid of that festive debt as soon as possible before it snowballs and causes even more problems.

Mr Cryer added: “The first step to managing your debt is to take control.
“When your statement arrives, don’t ignore it – the debt will only increase as interest is added to the outstanding balance.”
Christmas has come and gone and is no way to go back and cut down on spending retrospectively.
However, you can take action now by cutting the debt you have amassed during that time by being pro-active and following these handy hints and tips.
You can also ensure that next Christmas, you tone down your festive spending.

Budgeting to pay off that leftover Christmas debt

Seek Help Of Debt Consolidation Firms To Pay Off Your Payday Loans

Debt Consolidation Process
Debt Consolidation Process

All of us have gone through mid-month financial contingencies and it is then when we seek help of the payday loans which are nothing but short term loans that are lent to people with pressing financial needs. When you’ve racked up a huge amount on your multiple payday loans, you need not worry as there are ways in which you can get rid of high interest debt without hurting your credit score. The debt consolidation firms help all kinds of unsecured debtors get back on track by helping them combine their debts into a single monthly payment. While you can opt for payday loan help debt consolidation on your own through the debt consolidation loans, you can also take help of a company through which the debt consultant will work on your behalf. Check out the different ways in which the debt consolidation firms can assist you in getting out of debt.

  • The debt consultant assesses your finances: When you approach a payday loan debt consolidation company, the debt consultant will initially check your present financial condition. You just have to make sure that you give him all the details of the total principal amount that you owe, the interest rates that you’re paying and whether or not the payday loan lenders are legal in your state. Unless the debt consultant carries out this process, he won’t be able to give you the right kind of advice through which you can get out of debt with ease.
  • Speak to your creditors on your behalf: The debt consultants of the debt consolidation company will then speak to your creditors and tell them about the financial hardship that is barring you from making the timely payments. When you fall behind on the monthly debt payments, it often becomes a hassle to receive the calls of the creditors but when you get help from a debt consolidation company, all these tasks will be done on your behalf.
  • Convince them to lower the rates: The debt consultant of the debt consolidation company will convince your payday loan lenders to lower the interest rates and help you repay the entire amount in easy and affordable monthly payments. The lenders will then check your present financial condition and thereby agree to lower the rates through which you can repay your debts in lower monthly installments.
  • Accept single monthly payments: You just have to make a single monthly payment to the debt consolidation company instead of splitting your payments among multiple payday loan lenders. You just have to remember the due dates of a single lender and they will soon disburse your payments among multiple lenders to make you debt free.
  • Your credit score will improve: Although you might have hurt your credit score by falling back on the payday loan payments, you can improve your score by getting back on the monthly payday loan payments through a debt consolidation company. Just make sure that your payments are reported on time to the credit bureaus.

Therefore, when you’re spending sleepless nights wondering about the rising payday loan debt, seek payday loan help debt consolidation. Consider the benefits to motivate yourself.

Seek Help Of Debt Consolidation Firms To Pay Off Your Payday Loans

Online Reputation Management – What is It?

Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management

From even the earliest civilizations, a person’s reputation has carried with it great weight and can help to shape their immediate and long term future.  In some cultures – both ancient and modern – the most valuable currency was the ability for one person to give someone ‘their word’ on something.  This tradition grew over generations across the world. Giving your word can still carry weight, but it’s easier than ever for someone to check you out online as well.  And this is why reputation management has become even more important in the 21st century.

What is Reputation Management?

Simply put, Reputation Management is exactly what it sounds like – a way to ensure that the public sees you in the right light.  With explosion of Internet services and forums, this means more than simply being carefully in and around business dealings. It also includes times you spend with friends, personal online activity and just about everything else.  Many people don’t even realize how much of their personal lives are displayed online. In fact, it’s common for most people to pop up in internet search through search engines websites as well as social media networks, professional organizations and other more niche people searches.

Who Needs to Maintain Their Reputation

Some people may think they have no need to worry about or change their online reputation.  However, someone’s first impression of you can be from a less than flattering image posted on a social media page, which may give less than the right impression.  Often, people connect initially online and routinely take a few minutes to simply search for someone. This is regardless of whether that person is a potential business contact or simply someone they’ve become friendly with through message boards or community interaction.

A search for your name or common screen name can easily bring up photos of you which have been shared through public networks such as, social media networks and public photo sharing websites to mention a couple of examples.  Additionally, things you may have posted on message boards or commented on through websites can also easily be found too.  A quick search can turn up a surprising amount of information about you, and people will and do use this to form impressions of an individual.

Getting Help

Like real world reputations, sometimes an online reputation needs a bit of polishing.  It’s not impossible to help to improve and change an online reputation; in fact, there are many professional outfits which are dedicated to doing exactly that.  Companies with staff trained in reputation management show clients the current state of their online reputation, and will then offer suggestions on how to improve it.   These companies can also offer long term help and advice on maintaining an online reputation as well as discussing ways in which to protect personal activity online.

Although reputation has always been important, the Internet has given us the ability to develop impressions of people from many walks of life.  Quite often, an internet search is now the way people develop a first impression about new acquaintances and this has made Reputation Management a vital tool for many people.

Companies such as are able to not only assess a person’s current online reputation but also to help to change and improve it over time. If you have any issues with an online message, image or comment or more, it will be beneficial to seek out a professional sooner rather than later.

Kelly McCloskey enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics in her job as a freelance article writer.  She has a keen interest in online privacy and reputation management techniques.

Online Reputation Management – What is It?